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Title: Benchtop power supply PCB
Post by: profdc9 on June 09, 2019, 04:28:29 PM
I design a power supply PCB based on mixing the attributes of several designs floating around on the internet. You can find it at:


The range is up to about 30 volts and the current with a single TIP3055 maximum is about 4 A, though if you run it at low voltage output and high voltage input, you probably want to use multiple TIP3055 to dissipate all that power.

It works. It is intended to take the output of a step-down AC transformer, and it provides constant voltage and constant current controls. It also provides sampled outputs of the actual voltage and current output to connect panel meters, and a low current (zener) +5V to supply digital LCD meters. It can be adjusted for different input AC voltages and different ranges of output voltages and currents using trimmers. Also, it can have up to four TO-220 output devices that can be mounted to a common heatsink (for example, TIP41C or TIP3055 devices) to achieve higher output current.

I made this so that old junk and surplus transformers can be turned into useful benchtop power supplies.

DC can also be input into the board, but the minimum limiting output current will be around 500 mA.


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