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Title: 1000 Watt ZVS induction heater experiments
Post by: petespaco on April 16, 2017, 06:04:26 PM
Several months ago I got one of the cheap 5-12 volt ZVS induction heaters from  China.  I tried it out and it worked okay, so I bought one of the 1000 watt versions.  Then I started a lengthy process of experimenting with that kind of unit to see how much power transfer to a load it could produce reliably.
Mads asked me to join this forum because I had been asking questions on his Royer Oscillator page and interacting with others on it.

So now I have a rather detailed a webpage that covers my experiments to date pretty well and several youtube videos on this specific subject.

4/17/2017: I am modifying this post because I didn't give readers the direct link to my ZVS 1000 watt induction heater page.
Mads discovered this omission and did insert it in a following reply, but I thought I'd add it here, in case a reader didn't notice it there:

Youtube Playlist :

Pete Stanaitis
Title: Re: 1000 Watt ZVS induction heater experiments
Post by: kamelryttarn on April 16, 2017, 08:08:42 PM
Wow, those videos were very informative and helpful. I have wondered a lot about different sized heater coils and also if there is any difference in inductance when you stretch it out and now I know. Thank you very much for sharing all of your work!
Title: Re: 1000 Watt ZVS induction heater experiments
Post by: Mads Barnkob on April 16, 2017, 09:57:50 PM
Hi Pete and welcome to the forum :)

Last night I was chatting with a guy that had problems with a Royer IH and I remembered your extensive guide and trouble shooting site, but could for the love of god not recall the website adress, so thanks for writing!

Pete's experiment notes: https://spaco.org/Blacksmithing/ZVSInductionHeater/1000WattZVSInductionHeaterNotes.htm

and trouble shooting guide: https://spaco.org/Blacksmithing/ZVSInductionHeater/1000Watt12to48VoltZVSInductionHeaterTroubleshootingGuide.htm
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