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Hello everyone, I am building a capacitor bank and I am a bit confused about some concepts.

I know that this could kill me instantly, and understand the safety risks.
Each cap is 200v 2000uF (incase image is missing)
How many joules would this give me?
I understand series and I understand parallel but I can't grasp series-parallel YET.

Mads Barnkob:
Putting two capacitors in series will double the combined voltage rating and half their capacitance

Putting two capacitors in parallel will double the combined capacitance and voltage rating stays the same.

You can use the MMC calculator to play around with different configurations in a very fast manner: https://kaizerpowerelectronics.dk/calculators/mmc-calculator/

Capacitor energy calculator: https://kaizerpowerelectronics.dk/calculators/capacitor-energy-calculator/

Your schematic and picture shows 6 capacitors in parallel. This will yield an equivalent capacitance of 12,000 uf with a voltage rating of 200 volts. If you charged it to its maximum of 200 volts, the stored energy would be

E = 0.5*C*V*V = 0.5 * 12E-03 * 200 * 200 = 240 joules

Basically you just use a combination of series and parallel connections to give you the capacitance and voltage rating that you require. As far as energy is concerned it doesn't matter what the topology is, series, parallel, or series-parallel, the energy will be the same. Placing long strings in series brings the possible need for charge-distribution resistors. For that reason its best to minimize the use of series connections and to maximize the use of parallel connections.

What are you trying to accomplish with your capacitor bank?

Jeez only 240 Joules, that's actually disappointing.
I wanted to do can crushing and destroying small electronics.


--- Quote from: MrScrOggs on April 22, 2021, 02:41:08 AM ---Jeez only 240 Joules, that's actually disappointing.
I wanted to do can crushing and destroying small electronics.

--- End quote ---

Here's a picture from my can crusher. You need at least 800 joules to get a decent theta pinch. You need a tightly wound work coil to get those results. I also use an Aerovox energy discharge capacitor.


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