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 Hi I'm working on a project to make pulses of steam. At present I've got mains voltage double to 640V charging up 30uF 250A caps. Its shorted through a salt water solution.
At present it just making a li5le amount of gas, but will build up the Farads.

Put a 9Vac source across 330ohm resistor and the salt gap, measured 87ohms for the salt gap. I moved the electrodes closer and now get sprays of water out after I short the gap.

Holy crap that's dangerous. Using high voltage with salty water to create steam is one of the craziest ideas I've ever heard. I suggest you use a regular resistive heater instead.

Also that's not going to work very well since you need to heat up the entire water mass to 100 degrees before any water can start boiling. Read up on how smoke machines work.

My suggestion is heating a mass of metal and pulsing the water instead with a pulsed pump or something.

Was thinking of using a desil injector, I think 1mL of water takes about 10kJ to electrolysis, 10mL should take 4kJ to heat to 100degrees.

Still testing it at the moment.
Thanks for the feedback. ;)

>> 10mL should take 4kJ to heat to 100degrees.

At that point none of the water has vaporized.   You need an additional 2.5 kJ for each mL of water turned to vapor.

I made a water resistor for calmly discharging a 10 kJ 22 kV pulse duty capacitor.  About 150 mL in a plastic bottle with two sheet-copper electrodes, and enough copper sulfate to get about 100 ohms.  When connected to capacitor charged to 1 kJ, there's no sound.  Kilovoltmeter reading drops to zero, the water warms up slightly, and one of the electrodes turns black.

What salt do you use?

Maybe use only spark gap in distilled water so you do not have any byproducts from salts?

If such high voltage is not possible, resistive heater is also good idea. With preheated water and insulated container.

What is the idea/application? Steam engine as in thread subject?


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