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Title: Can I use nail polish instead of vanish on a tesla coil (well, a slayer exciter)
Post by: Lilsara21 on May 02, 2021, 08:03:03 PM
I saw one video, but he was a high schooler, and he did make a working model that he shows using a clear nail polish to coat it as he was winding in portions, so that way even if some came unwound, it wouldn't cause the entire coil to start unwinding like a slinky (clearly, yes I have had this happen to me before! :D so can a clear nail polish be used?? Rather than using masking tape to hold them in place as I wind, I saw him paint over any decent sized perfectly wound portions, and again it held them in place so once the polish was dry it would keep a nice solid wind, which is required of this build but then every other site said to use a spray or paint-on "Polyurethane varnish and must be water based (not oil)  nut upon goim+ng to lowes/home depot- polyurethane and varnish are 2 totally different things.... So I went for the polyurethane water based spray I've heard mixed reviews as this is fast drying and I hear if it dried too fast the the air between the coil and pvc doesn't have time to escape?? Which I believe make arcing or sparks between the 2 coils may cause more arcing to be  possible, I'm not exactly sure as you can likely tell but but either way it is a negative affect...  I want a nice fine and smooth professional looking finish to my secondary....

But would prefer to stick to basic tape so as not to ruin the operating functions by using something that's not correct...!

Please help any advice greatly appreciated. Also in a time crunch in this construction currently!!!

Also do I want my secondary and primary windings to go in the same direction as one another or opposit directions??? I know this is very important in this construction so that the connections all work, and I know I can simply switch the connections but id jut prefer to wind correctly lol

Please and thank in advance~!!

edit: please don't use capital letters, it's considered impolite (equivalent to shouting) and reduces readability of the text
Post by: AstRii on May 02, 2021, 08:36:18 PM
Well for a slayer exciter you probably do not need any varnish at all. The insulation on the wires is usually enough for this topology.
But yeah I do have an experience with nail polish. I used it to fix an insulation breakdown on my DRSSTC. It did work for me quite well. I used quite a lot of the polish and used 2 layers of kapton tape to insulate it better.
Just make sure your nail polish doesn't contain any glitter which can be conductive.

Also this section of the forum is dedicated for DRSSTC topology, it would be better next time to start this topic in the "SSTC" section: https://highvoltageforum.net/index.php?board=10.0

Good luck with your project :)
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